March 4, 2017 - 6 Year-Old Business Owner & Forming Our Band's Team


This didn’t happen today, but I meant to talk about it yesterday.  I been spending quite a bit of time getting our finances situated on Quicken.  I changed a lot of our Income and Expense categories to make it fit our situation better, among other things.  But the last big project I wanted to accomplish with our finances is begin to track our daughter’s money. 

Heather and I were not taught how to manage our money by our parents or the school system.  So we feel that it is very important that we start with our kids early.  We’ve decided that they will be tracking all of their spending in Quicken and begin saving for various things that they want to buy.  Our oldest even has a horse fund…and a Bracelet and Art Store that she’s started to begin making money for it. 

Not only do we believe that this is a good experience for them, it is a lot of fun to work with them to learn about finances.


In our music world today, I put together a list of volunteer duties and wrote up a form for my students to fill out if they are interested in helping us with our band’s many duties.  These duties are eventually going to turn into a full-time Band Manager position, and I’ll have several people vying for this position as they volunteer.  We hope to have the finances available to hire this person on in 2018.

The other big thing that happened today is that we found a crack in Heather’s Rainie Ukulele.  A big one.  This is not good at all.  I am going to try to glue and clamp it to keep from getting worse.  But she is still going to need a new one.  We are looking at this awesome Mango Wood Ukulele from Big Island Ukuleles.  We’ve heard great things about it.  That will bring us to a total of 2 new ukuleles each coming up within the next couple of months.  Hooray!!!


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