March 3, 2017 Sex Ed and Scheduling Our Busking Dates


The kids popped in a movie about pregnancy and birth while I was taking care of them.  This particular video is pretty much like a part of a sex ed class.  I know that this kind of thing is not an easy subject for parents to talk to their kids about (and it isn’t for me either), but I figure it’s easier and better for the kids if I don’t freak out and just let them watch it.  There’s nothing too graphic in the video, but they do all C-Sections and no vaginal births.  We need to find like a Bradley Method video to to balance it out.  

It makes it so much easier to have a video explain some of this stuff.  I don’t want to be sitting down with everyone with die cast models and diagrams that I’ve drawn.  That sounds like a nightmare to me.  So I make sure to correct things I don’t agree with in the video and let them ask me questions they have.  And now sex ed can be checked off the list.  I’m sure it will come up again, but it will be easier after they are initially aware of it.


Today I put together a list of dates that Heather and I plan to go busking in Cheyenne, Fort Collins and Greeley over the summer.  I compiled a list for our friends (and students) the Tunnicliffs.  Their 3 oldest daughters took turns babysitting our kids while we were in the hospital with the baby.  They did such a good job that we want to employ them to take care of our kids while we perform. 

The list of our busking dates will be up on our website before the summer starts.


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