March 2, 2017 - First Dr.'s Visit After Brain Surgery

Our boy had his first post hospital doctor’s visit today.  His doctor said that he didn’t skip a beat…which is incredible, to her and to us.  He literally had two brain surgeries because the fluid in his brain was flooding his ventricles, and he began smiling and doing other normal baby stuff immediately afterward. It’s nothing short of a miracle if you ask me. 

He looks real good too.  You really can’t tell that he’s any different if he’s wearing a hat. 

Still working on finances and taxes.  I cannot find my W-2 from my time at the YMCA teaching guitar.  I believe I got it a couple of days before he went into the hospital, and now I have no clue where the heck I put the darn thing.  Almost have the complete rest of our taxes done.  I very much want to finish so I can move on to more musical things darn it. We’ll get there.


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