March 16, 2017 - Keeping My Word and Going Live...twice


Yesterday I broke my word to my 4 year old, I told her I would swing her in a blanket and throw her on the bed (her favorite thing in the world for some reason).  When it was go time, I caved and said it was too late.  Today I made up for it.  I spent just 5-10 minutes goofing around with all of them and you know made me feel a whole lot better than when I don't do that in any given day.  

I am also working on a series of teaching videos that will include the kids.  I've been weighing whether or not I should do these...we don't want to exploit the children...but I feel like instructional videos with how to teach them wouldn't be exploiting them.  If we start making them and I feel like they are, I'll just get rid of the series.  I really want to include them in all this though, and I think that this would be a good way to do that.


We went live on Facebook for the first time fact I went on twice!!  We started two new live series, one called "Gettin' Loopy at Lunchtime" where I just hang out with my viewers and create some sort of loop.  It was fun and I got a great response.  I'll be doing that one every weekday at 12:15.  The second one was "Live from the Practice Room", where we allow people to join us for our practice session.  This will be every Thursday at 8:30 pm. 

We got amazing responses from everyone who watched and it was very encouraging.  We are definitely going to continue doing it...


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