March 12, 2017 - Rethinking Crowdfunding (at this point) and Getting back on Mission.


So we’re going through all these GoFundMe campaigns today and realizing that many of these people are going through a much harder time than we are.  We are going through quite a tough time with the baby and our financial situation, but it’s nothing like some of these poor people.  People who have lost their fathers in horrific accidents or who have stage 4 terminal cancer.  It is sad what has happened to our boy, we we know he is going to be okay and our finances will straighten out. 


We’ve decided to focus more on getting our content out and preparing for the release of our album.  We want our work to bring in the money not making people feel sorry for us.  That’s not really what we’re about.  We would love to do some sort of crowdfunding campaign in the near future to invite people we know to help get our album off of the ground or something like that…but we want them to feel like they are a part of our mission…not just supporting people who’ve fallen on hard times.  We will bounce back fast if we focus on God and our band’s mission: To create a community around music that the whole family can appreciate and enjoy.


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