March 11, 2017 - Walk to the Park & Building a Crowdfunding Campaign


We got out and went on a walk to the park today.  The kids didn’t last long on the playground…we brought the dog (Chance the Whippet) and the kids saw a tennis court.  This guy can run like the wind.  I’ve never seen a dog this fast. 

We are actively looking at options for travel trailers’s to move into.  We desperately need to save money on rent, and we need a travel trailer if we are ever going to make this professional touring musician thing happen.  I mention this in the family section because it will force us to be outside more.  We could use a little more vitamin D


We also are looking at Ford Excursions with 7.3 Diesel engines.  We have a big family and will definitely need a powerful vehicle to tow a travel trailer that will fit all of us.  We have found quit a few options, but we are waiting for the money to come available to be able to do that.  Hopefully sooner than later. 

That brings me to my next topic.  We are putting together a plum fund…a crowdfunding campaign.  We are at a very weird point in our life.  We are ready to go with our music…the only problems are:

1.  We have all our music ready and business model formed…but no fan base

2.  We are completely broke.

This coupled with the fact that our son was hospitalized for 3 weeks, just days after losing a substantial stream of income.  We definitely need something to happen big time…and right now. 

We think our plum fund will go live sometime next week.  We are also going to release the music video for “Big Plans” shortly (within a month) after that.  We have a hard time asking for money for anything, but we feel our song may help other people who have had similar life-altering experiences…and maybe that is a fair trade.  I know one thing: It’s been a ton of work.


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