Hospital Day 8: 2/11/17 - Trying to Work


Today was a pretty good day, considering our circumstances.  Our boy is looking and feeling better, his days and nights are beginning to switch back around to normal (while Heather and mine are switching around the wrong way).  He’s been awake most of the day.

We are still all eager to be reunited, the 1 year old especially.  She’s not handling not having mommy around very well.  Sad all the time.  Nothing makes her smile unless she sees her brother on facetime.


Work-wise, Heather and I have been consistently practicing.  I’ve been working on being able to play a song I wrote for Heather years ago.  It began as just a solo acoustic guitar and vocal piece, then about a year ago I transcribed it for duel ukuleles.  It’s got probably my favorite and most difficult ukulele solo that I’ve written.  It’s also got my favorite lead part for the chorus.  I really love this song!!  And Heather likes it too, which is more important cuz I wrote it for her.

We also played a song together for our son, even though Heather’s in Denver and I am at home in Cheyenne.  I played my part while having Heather on mute so the lag didn’t screw up my timing.  Then she played to my part.  It worked exceptionally well…so well that it even put our son to sleep. 

It is difficult to be so far away from my boy and my wife, but thank God for technology…at least in times like these. 


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