Hospital Day 7: 2/10/17 - A Family Torn Apart

Kinda ready for this week to be over. Heather is in the hospital with the baby still, I am here by myself with the girls.  I had fun with them today, but I am a cleaning nazi, so they maybe didn’t have so much fun with me.  I did go and get ice cream and we are watching movies now.  So we are all enjoying that.  But it’s going to be a long week apart.


The baby still has the drain in his brain, but is out of ICU.  Which means Heather has to ask for a nurse’s assistance to pick him up, but the nurses are harder to find.  So we are enthralled that he is doing so well that he’s not in intensive care, but think that it will take a little longer to get him back to 100 percent when Heather can’t hold him as much as he would like.


Hard to do any work with all this going on.  I did practice some of our songs, and so did Heather, but that is about all we had time for, especially since there was some extended family drama that took up quite a bit of our time.

We are very ready to move on to the next season of our lives.


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