Hospital Day 6: 2/9/17 - 9th Anniversary (of Dating) Spent in ICU


Today was our 9th anniversary of me asking Heather to be my girlfriend.  Of course, we spent it at the hospital.  In fact, we didn’t even realize it was our anniversary until we were walking around outside talking about how it sucked that tomorrow was our anniversary and that I had to drive back to Cheyenne and couldn’t be with her.  Then we looked at our phone and saw that it was the 9th not the 8th.  We were excited that we at least got to be together for it.

My little buddy and his little owl buddy.
We typically do something special for all our anniversaries, but today we were treated with a little boy who just keeps getting closer to full recovery.  He had such a good day today, he even got moved out of ICU after I left.

Goodbyes are tough...but I am very happy that will be a short goodbye.
Leaving my son and wife at the hospital was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do.  I wanted to stay so bad to help them, but there were also my four little girls who needed me back at home.  But I know that in just a few days my boy and my wife will be back and our whole family will be reunited again.


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