Hospital, Day 15: 2/18/17 - I Have Two Homes Now

Very excited to be going back home…I seriously just accidentally typed that…I meant going back to the hospital to see Heather and my son tomorrow.  Home is where they are.   But Home is also where my daughters are too, so I guess you could say that I’m leaving home to go home.


I guess that could easily lead me into a subject that I haven’t yet addressed in this blog.  There are people in our life, who were very close to us until recently, that would love nothing more than to see our family broken up.  This is very apparent by their words and actions as of late (and several years ago as well).  Interesting timing that our son should happen to end up in the hospital for what looks like is going to be three weeks literally days after our falling out with these certain people.  I don't want to get too far into it in this medium...but the point is these people are only adding insult to injury, literally, and it sucks. 


My wife and I breaking has never and never will be in the conversation, but spending this long away from each other has emphasized to us how much we really need each other…and want to be together.  I have had a hard time sleeping alone…and keeping up with these energetic girls.  She has been exhausted being the 6 week old’s ONLY caretaker without relief and someone who isn’t a baby or a nurse to talk to.  The only thing that this experience is doing is bringing us closer together…and closer to God.


I leave tomorrow at 4pm and it couldn’t arrive quicker.


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