Hospital, Day 13: 2/16/17 - Bad News All Day

Tough day today.  Heather kept giving me news that I didn’t want to hear, that she didn’t want to tell me.  Leaks of fluid from our sons stitches in his head, a surgery on Monday to put in a permanent shunt (which means probably about a week more of Heather and my boy in the hospital), a doctor contradicting other doctors and nurses.  A day of total bad news all day, and then she called me on FaceTime.  I got to see my son smile at me over and over again.  After that I felt so much better. 
Little Man wants a hug
I didn’t get much done today, because I could barely think about anything other than my poor boy’s head.  I miss them so much.  By the time I got to see him smile, the day was pretty much over.  I felt like vegging out for awhile, so my friend Stefan let me borrow his NES and Sega Genesis systems.  I already beat my favorite Nintendo game, Bases Loaded 3.  I also taught my 4 year old baseball freak how to play, which was a ton of fun.

Image result for bases loaded 3Image result for bases loaded 3

All-in-all, I’m trying to make it through this difficult time, it’s not easy…but I can’t pretend like everything is normal.  A father is not equipped to take care of 4 girls 6 and under by himself.  But I am thankful that everyone in our family is healthy, especially our son after all of this.  We are going to get through all of this and get back on track.  I cannot wait.


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