Hospital Day 10: 2/13/17 - Divorce is Officially (Still) Out of the Picture

Another day of just me and the 4 girls.  I tell you, this experience is making me realize what it would be like if I were a single dad.  I was never even contemplating a divorce…I am a very happily married man…but this is just solidifying my decision further.  I would barely be able to survive one weekend a month by myself taking care of 4 kids.

Tomorrow I get to go down to see Heather and the baby.  I can’t wait, Heather and I are having withdrawals from each other and I really miss my little dude too.  I feel bad for Heather and really the rest of the family though…because I am the only one who is getting to see everyone of them, albeit at separate times. 

Work-wise, I began working on being able to sing at the same time as playing my lead part for Heather’s song “Heather Marie”.  The part I wrote for it is extremely difficult to sing and play, so I plugged it into Guitar Pro 6 and ran small portions of the difficult parts through the speed trainer.  It only took about 30 minutes for me to nail it.  Which is great, because I didn’t have a lot of time to work on it while taking care of the kids all day.


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