February 3, 2017 - First Steps in Building Our Team


Today’s work was rather exciting, my brother Mark came over and helped me organize my ideas on duties that I could delegate to a team of volunteers.  He is going to be our first volunteer, as he is wanting to learn the business side of music with me.  He is a much better musician than I am, but does not really have a clear path laid out for his career.  I think that will change after this project. 

Our goal is to take 5-6 volunteers and turn it into one full-time position in about a year or two.  I already have several of my volunteers picked out…they are all current or former students.  Much of the work is going to be very mundane, which is exactly why I want somebody else to do it…and all my students need to understand the kind of boring extra work that goes into it.

Heather and I are very excited that we are going to have a team!!


I just realized something about this format here…I like the headlines, but our whole angle with our music and with this blog is supposed to be how we are putting our family ahead of our work.  But me being the genius I am put the family section after the work section.  I am going to fix that for tomorrow’s blog. 

And keeping with the theme of the blog format, I didn't do much with the kids again today.  What a shame that is.  I am going to try a lot harder tomorrow. 


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