January 30, 2017 - More Website Building

Another full day working on the website.  I finished a rough draft of the “Gallery” and “Events” pages.  That means I am almost to the point where I can just do consistent maintenance as I am almost done with our “Home” and “Listen” pages.  At that point, it will just be Heather and I adding our content as we go.  It’s really the home stretch of being able to market on a near daily basis. 

The gallery will have a seamless transition between our Instagram feed, Website only pics and other various galleries!!
I also took some time out to help my 4 year old swing a bat.  She was able to hit the ball both righty and lefty!!!  She’s a switch-hitter!!  So excited about that…because I am a switch-hitter.  It really pays to even just take five minutes out to play with the kids.

Wish I took a pic of the 4 year old swinging the bat darnit!!
Finally, I surprised Heather by going out and getting a bottle of Champagne.  January 31 is 9 years from the day we met.  We always celebrate it…I will explain more tomorrow.  So I gotta run…it’s almost that time. 


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