January 28, 2017 - Shifting Focus

Still haven’t reached 100 subscribers on the newsletter, but we’re sittin’ only 10 away at 90.  I went ahead and redirected my attention for now, as that is a big enough audience for me to start sending newsletters out.  I directed my attention on the last really big project that I needed to work on before really being able to pump out the content easily…our website.

Our old homepage...it's ok, but when its larger, the pics don't look great.
We use Wix, which is really easy to use.  Neither of us have any other experience with making websites, even though I do own another website that I’m going to start building with wordpress (once I get around to it).  I’ve found some limitations to what we’re envisioning here and there, but the drag and drop simplicity more than makes up for it. 

The top of our new homepage (obviously still in progress).  This one has a lot more depth to it, telling our story as you scroll

Our main goal is to make our “perfect superfan” so intrigued by the story we tell on our homepage, that they will be itching to want to know more.  Once they get that level of intrigue, we also have to be able to keep their interest by making the rest of the site deep and interesting as well, and give them plenty of opportunity to sign up for the newsletter, buy a product, or support us monthly on Patreon. 

Our other goal is to make our website very easy to throw up new content on.  We want to be able to use the site in the state that it will be in for at least a year with only little maintenance.  Once we post a new video, we want to have a spot for it on the site.  Basically, it will be our central hub for the community we are going to build around our band. 

I have a feeling this will be the subject of the next few blogs…hope you don’t mind!!


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