January 8, 2017 - Father Redemption Day

If you read my blog from two days ago, you would know that I promised to take the kids to a petting that didn’t exist.  Whoops.  Then I didn’t take them to do anything else at the time that I set aside for that event…under the pretense “I got work to do kids”.  Well, I can’t just let that go unreconciled. 

Dad's Idea of a Petting Zoo
I told them at breakfast that I’d take them out later in the day, and of course around 3pm after hours of family house cleaning…they started to not believe me.   All of a sudden, the oldest two come into the room I’m cleaning screaming at me “A BIRD LANDED OUTSIDE AND HE CAUGHT A MOUSE!!!”  I ran over to the window expecting to see a small bird and saw this:

Let me know what kind of bird this is if you know.

So after they took a little nap and I finished cleaning our room, I woke them up and we rushed out of the house.  First stop was the pet store in the mall.  Our oldest has been eyeing the bunnies ever since we lost our buddy bop back a few years ago.  I’ll have to write a little about him in the future, he was cool.
Our Old Buddy Bop.

They all wanted this little guy so bad.

Our 3 year old was obsessed with the snakes for some reason.  That’s ok, he seemed a little obsessed with her too.

So precious.

We then went to the Petco down the street to see what animals they had different from the mall.  Immediately, the ferrets caught their attention and were dying to pet it.  The oldest says she wants to save up for one now. 

Her new obsession.

We looked at the birds, fish turtles and everything else we had, but it was still those ferrets that had their hearts.  I would not be surprised if we end up with them some day…and our 4 year old says she’ll name her’s “Chuckie Cheese”.

This is our oldest's drawing of the ferret who wanted to go home with them.


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