January 7, 2016 - Emerging from the Cave

Heather finally got to get out of the house (though she was secretly enjoying staying in).  It was nice to have some time alone.  Especially for her for sure.  We didn’t do too much, grocery shopping and dinner.  But we did tell the kids to take pictures with their cameras to show us what they were up to.  That turned out interesting.

I guess the kids watched a movie while we were gone.

After we got some mostly frozen groceries for me to cook (and left them in the car cuz it’s only 19 degrees outside), we went to the local Wyoming Rib and Chop house for the first time…and man was it good.

The Rib & Chop House used to be the Dineen Car Dealership.  Pretty cool building.

We split the Fish and Chips (pretty much the cheapest entree on the menu) and I tell you I have never had fish and chips done this good.  I ain’t no Harvard graduated food critic, so I don’t know all the terminology…but I will say this…I hate tartar sauce, and I accidentally tried some of their’s…it was the bomb.  And I had the pleasure of dipping my fries in their own Hot BBQ sauce, I have never had that BBQ with that great of flavor before, it was impressive to say the least.

Even the meal a broke musician parents of 5 can afford were done exceptionally!!

Also interesting about the Rib & Chop House is that it used to be the Dineen Car Dealership.  They closed the dealership several years back and just recently renovated it and boy is it a pretty little building.  

Beautiful architecture abounds in this place.

Heather looking beautiful...me looking like it's time to shave.

All in all, a great night with my wife.  And from the looks of the kid’s pictures, they were just messing with the dog and taking pictures of random things.  Maybe they need a little training…I guess they are only 4 and 5. 

A blurry picture of her sister taking a blurry picture.  They'll figure it out.

Last note… this post marks the entire first full week of the year, in which I have written one post for every day so far.  Only 358 more days to go!!


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