January 22, 2017 - The Ames Monument

Cabin fever is easy to get with a family of seven with 5 kids 6 & under, especially after dealing with the flu all week.  Getting out of the house is a monstrous undertaking.  Today we had to get out before we all went nuts.  So I had this “great” idea to surprise the kids by taking them to Vedauwoo.
It's so beautiful out there, but we couldn't get too much closer than this this time of year.
Of course, if I had really thought long and hard about it, I would have remembered that its always about 20-25 degrees colder and 3-4 times windier there than it is in Cheyenne.  And since I wanted it to be a surprise, I didn’t tell anyone where we were going and Heather forgot her coat.  When we arrived, the road was tough to navigate because of snow, and the entrance to the best part of the park was completely covered by a massive snow drift.  Not such a good idea.

We all wish we could have gotten closer...maybe a little climbing...
Thankfully for us, there is another interesting landmark less than 5 miles away…the Ames Monument.  This monument is a strange pyramid like structure that commemorates the Ames brothers, who are credited with the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. 
It’s a pretty cool site, but kind of boring for little kids.  And I do not recommend going there in January.  These pictures were tough to get because of the frigid wind…holy smokes.

The Pyramid of the Old West, ladies and gentlemen.
We left there to drive around Laramie for a little bit, turn around and go back home to Cheyenne.  So we pretty much kept our fevers, just piled into a smaller cabin for the day.


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