January 20, 2017 - Not Neccessarily Arranging Marriages...

Again today, sorry about the lack of pics, I am still giving Heather a little break to make sure we stay caught up.


We had some visitors today, my friend of 22 years Colt, his wife Tandy, and their two boys and little girl.  These are our favorite people in the world.  Now, none of us believe in arranged marriages, but we don’t really see anything wrong with tilting the odds a little bit if you know what I mean.  We’d have the most exciting holiday family get togethers, I mean we’re practically brothers already, might as well tack on in-law to the end.


Their 3 year old girl was absolutely obsessed with the baby.  Once she was done holding him, she played with dolls practically the rest of the time.  Colt and I didn’t have much time to hang out (or else we would have had pics of us playing Cribbage or something), I had two lessons this afternoon. 

I went live on Facebook with one of my students for the first time.  That was pretty cool.  She wrote a pretty great little song and she wanted to show her friends.  I’d post it on here, but I’m still trying to get used to being on Facebook live, it’s a little nerve racking.  Got to get used to it though, because next on our to-do list is putting together our Facebook live agendas….


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