January 2, 2017 - First Son, Day 2

The second day of the year…the second full day of having our first son.  Because of the new year, we didn't really get any visitors yesterday, which was good because I had to clean all day to get it ready for company anyway.  But after the full day of work, having some company over was great.

Grammy Rose holding Zeke

Zeke being our fifth child, we are no strangers to having company over to see our newborns.  But having a home birth is so much easier when it comes to visitors.  At the hospital there is always someone waking you up 14 seconds after you fall asleep, and waking the baby up 4 seconds after they finally get to sleep to poke and prod at them.  Then, the visitors (God bless ‘em) flow in after you’ve slept a total of 280 seconds.  They get to watch your wife laying in some uncomfortable bed in an ugly uncomfortable gown while you have to stand up cuz you can’t stand to sit on those darn prison furniture hide-a-bed…I feel a rant coming on I better stop.

Old McMarky (Uncle Mark) holding his nephew

Though Heather was exhausted, I know that she is feeling so much better than she did in the hospitals.  So good in fact, she is starting to want to get back to work… not chasing the kids around or anything, but she is expressing the desire to edit pictures for our blog…maybe it’s because all of mall of my blog posts are about the new baby…maybe I can convince her to get back to her ukulele this week…

Heather editing pics while getting in a much needed rest.

All in all, it’s always fun to have visitors come to see your new baby, no matter where you have the baby.  Sometimes we’ve even gotten to see people we haven’t seen in years.  With Zyla I got to see someone I hadn’t seen since high school…because he had a baby on the same day.  I guess there is a downside to having a home birth

My friend Jason and his boy Owen, we were having our kids at the hospital at the same time in 2011.
Finally to our old friends, if you haven’t seen us in awhile, you live here in town and you are free this week or weekend…holler at us.  We’d love to sit and catch up with you and introduce you to the newest member of our family. 

Grammy and the Grand-kids

Aunt Sheri Holding Zeke


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