January 18, 2017 - Kid's Pukin' on our Progress

 - - - First off, I apologize for not having more pictures or video in this post.  I’m trying to give us a full day off of photo and video editing to make sure we are completely caught up.  - - -


Just another normal day at the Dunlevy’s today…at least the morning and afternoon.  Wednesdays I typically have 3 lessons, but I had two cancellations.  Which ended up being alright because I had plenty of other work to do. 

We’ve finally figured out our system for blog posts and the social media posts that go along with them.  It’s a pretty complicated system.  And before coming up with this system, we’ve tricked ourselves into thinking that we were all caught up…only to realize that we had a bunch of little things that we had forgotten.  The goal is to be able to put the blog and social media on auto pilot so that we can focus on the more important aspects of this job, namely actually playing music.  To do that with while having 5 kids, we have to be organized down to the smallest detail.   Because God bless ‘em they won’t give you any margin of error…

Today we were working on reaching homeostasis within our content organizing system.  Kids were in bed.  I’m sitting here trying to finally finish a project I’ve been working on for nearly a week...when we hear a huge splat coming from the kids room.  One kid pukes.  We spend twenty minutes cleaning that up…get the kids back in bed…sit down to start working again…then two kids puke.  What a nightmare!!  Five times we had to clean up puke. 

But despite this, I am happy to report that we have both caught up our parts of the blog enough that we can finish catching it up tonight (with a little bit of coffee of course).  Here’s the proof:

That's 7 posts scheduled out from tomorrow!!! We're getting somewhere!!


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