January 10, 2017 - Getting Caught Up and Ready to Launch

Launching any major project in our lives is a massive undertaking.  Months of prep work, developing systems, and other tedious work intertwines itself with the music and creative side.  Not to mention trying to keep up with the kids.  In fact, we’ve been planning this blog for over a year now…and we are just now at the point of getting started with the execution.  Without the systems and prep work, it just wouldn’t be possible. 

A pretty common scene in our office.
Today, we almost got caught up with our blog pictures and social media posts for the week. We are doing very well at writing our blogs, and at taking pictures, and at practicing.  But at getting our content out…we are almost there, but not quite. 

It’s really all the boring work…the organizing pictures in Lightroom and Photoshop, scheduling Social Media posts through Plainly and Hootsuite, scheduling the blogs, this kind of thing that’s slowing us down.  We just haven’t got doing all the in-between stuff into a groove yet…but we will. 

Once we get all these monotonous activities on auto-pilot, the next step will be online performances, community-building and interaction, promoting our album in July, creating videos for our songs, etc.  And that is what we are looking forward to.  We know how important keeping up with a blog and with social media is these days…and we aren’t used to it yet.  But once we get it…watch out…you’ve never seen a couple as hard-working, focused and determined as us.

Late-night work after the kids are in bed.


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