July 17, 2016 - Family Day

Another Sunday in the books.  This one happened to end up another “plan a bunch of cool stuff to do as a family only to realize you failed to properly research resulting in just driving the family all over the place never getting them all out of the car together” day.   We do this from time to time, and it kinda stinks.

This is how we always look in the van. 

The Cattle Drive

We planned on going and watching the Cheyenne Frontier Days Cattle Drive they do here every year to kick off the festivities.  They drive tons of cattle through the city, going right down I-25’s service road.  They pass right by houses, businesses and Heather and my junior high school, McCormick.  I hear it’s awesome. 

Not the real one, we missed it darnit. 

We read a comment by someone that said something like “even though it starts at 7:45 am, you can get there a few hours late and still see the end of it if you sit by the park.”  Talk about a dream come true for parents of four!!!  So we left the house at 9:30 am all excited…only to get a front row seat the nothing but a trail of horse and cow poop all the way to the final destination. 

Planning at the Burger Inn

So then we ate at the local Burger Inn for breakfast.  The highlight of the day for the entire family.  Then we discussed what we were going to do with the rest of our family day.  We all agreed that we wanted to go look at RV’s, a Dunlevy Family Pastime.  We decided we would travel down to “the big one” down in Colorado.  So we finished our egg muffins and headed out. 

 My favorite burger joint. (photo credit: burger inn facebook)
An Unfortunate Discovery

An hour later, we were welcomed by a big fat CLOSED sign.  That’s when we remembered that “the big one” was closed on Sundays.  What a bummer that was!! So we did what any family of six would do in this situation…we went to a thrift store.   We found a couple of little toys for the kids and a Motown Songbook. The kids played with the toys for about 30 minutes and we looked around at a bunch of old junk.  Woohoo!!

How could I forget they were closed on Sundays. (photo credit: lazy days rv website)
The Park and the Rebel

Then we were going to go back to Cheyenne to go to a park.  But it looked like it was going to rain.  So we went home to do the cleaning we had to get done for the day.  We told the kids if they hurried, we could go to the park.  Then, the 4 year old decided she wanted to test her limits.  All of a sudden, no one could go anywhere as she had to be disciplined.  What a disaster.

Enjoying Each Other on the “Bad Days”

But looking back, it wasn’t a bad day.  We had fun just being together.  We all laughed and learned as we usually do and I don’t think that anyone would consider it a day lost.  Sometimes just being together is the thing that matters the most.


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