August 17, 2016 - The New Baby Will Be A.......

August 17, 2016

Sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan…especially with four kids under 6.  And since yesterday was my birthday...and a Tuesday... and our family feels it necessary to celebrate on the exact day…we got thrown off on our schedule today.  Taking one day off is not a easy thing for us.

We woke up at 830…four hours later than we usually do.  The house was a pit, and the kids did not want to clean.  It wasn’t even really that dirty, but they felt more like goofing off than picking up a few things.  For kids their age, they typically do a great job…but today they spent more time in their room due to fighting with each other than they did anything else. 

The four year old took this warning lol.
 That’s not all that was thrown off.  We have been trying to get into the habit of recording a video once a day after the kids fall asleep for nap.  The one year old got woken up after only 15 minutes, and boy was she grouchy.  We couldn’t get anything done.

Lastly, we went to Heather’s grandma’s house to take a photo revealing the gender of the new baby.  Her grandma didn’t know yet, so Heather explained the process to her.  Only we don’t think she really heard what she said.  So the kids opened the bags (except for the 1 year old who just cried) revealing the balloons…

Our Family has set up a plumfund to raise money for a new van.  We are in need of a bigger vehicle to fit our big family, as we drive a minivan right now that we could not longer make trips with the whole family.  There is a link if you would like to contribute.  We would greatly appreciate anything you could give! Thank you! 

It’s a boy!!!  Heather pivoted to get the excited picture of Grammy Rose…only to find she still didn't know. 
After about a minute or two, the four year old ran up to Grammy and told her “It’s a boy” and Heather got that excited picture she was hoping to catch.  Maybe things don’t always go according to plan…but they always seem to work out better (or at least funnier) anyway.


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